Teacher Proof: magic beans, magic bullets & magic potions

Ok, this is a new book for the reading list. Btw, I think that there are also other fads who have potential to be the new Brain Gym. (E.g. this because of this or maybe parts of this)

Best bets

Why research in education doesn’t always mean what it claims, and what you can do about it


Or, why common sense isn’t often common practice


Just about to review Tom Bennett’s latest book Teacher Proof, I read a review that almost exactly articulates my viewpoint on it:

‘written by a teacher, for teachers and in defence of teachers, Tom Bennett’s Teacher Proof is an invigorating breath of fresh air that deftly counter-attacks the onslaught of dubious educational “research” that bedevils our profession, and places pedagogical leadership back into the hands of those who understand education best: the front-line classroom teacher. Teacher Proof is a witty, defiant, thought-provoking and practical call-to-arms. As a result, it’s a book that new teachers will likely never be assigned in teachers’ training programs, even though every teacher ought to be compelled to read ita well-argued jeremiad that effectively responds to the…

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