Very good read: Mind Change: Susan Greenfield has a big idea, but what is it?

This review written by Martin Robbins in The Guardian of the new book by Susan Greenfield is long but it is surely worth reading.

Robbins dissects many of her claims to find… not that much substance to her claims.

2 small fragments to give a hint of the conclusion, but do read the whole piece for the clear arguments supporting these fragments:

With no central argument to hang it on, the flesh of Mind Change collapses into a sub-Gladwellian mash-up of hand-picked studies, just-so anecdotes and carefully interpreted statistics. There’s no sense of progress toward any conclusion, just a long gallop of facts and figures that leave the reader with the impression that, well, something must be wrong with all these damned screens about.


Greenfield shows a complete lack of interest in both the research she cites and the technologies she critiques. Conclusions and positions are misrepresented, but often it seems less deliberate than lazy. She cherry-picks literature that appears to support her case but shows little indication of having read much of it, or asked the kinds of questions that leap from the page on even a casual reading. The professor displays one of the biggest character flaws a scientist can have: a lack of curiosity.

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