A bit of a different post: let’s talk about Belgium for a minute

I’ve been blogging for quite a while in a sometimes very personal version of English. If I look at my visitor stats, a lot of people visit this blog from throughout the world. I’m living in Belgium and we have been receiving some bad press lately. Now, it’s not typical for someone coming from Belgium to be chauvinistic. I always say jokingly that it’s no surprise that Magritte – master of surrealism – lived here.

Do we have issues? Of course, show me a country who doesn’t. I could list up a lot of things that need some action but while we have seen a lockdown because of the terrifying things that happened in Paris, we all still live in a great country:

  • with the best national football team in the world according to FIFA (and no, we didn’t bribe them)
  • we definitely have the best beer and chocolate
  • we have one of the best health care systems in the world

The first time that I guided foreign students – I remember they came from Canada – through the city of Ghent, I fell in love with this city because of the reactions of those students. They asked me if I felt privileged to be able to walk through history on a daily basis. I admitted that I didn’t noticed it. Now I feel privileged. Not only when I visit Ghent, but also when I’m in Brussels – no mr Trump, not a hell hole – for work or another great concert.

Since that day many students and colleagues followed. They do mention that we’re not the most easy people to connect with. We’re a bit reserved, some say even a bit shy. But they all agree we have great food and that when you take your time to get to now us you’ll see we still have a great sense of humor. Remember the cats?

And now back to business, the next post will be again about education and learning, trust me!


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