2 days ago… #Brussels

I returned from the fabulous ResearchED Scandinavia in Gothenburg. I landed in Zaventem, run for my car to see my loved ones asap. Today I see the images of the place were I come so very often. Scattered, ruined with lots of people in pain, many people killed. It’s a stupid thing to say, but we all knew that it wasn’t a question if an attack would come, the questions were when and where.

Now we know.

I’m at home because our institute asked – due to a question of our government – not to come to our school. So, while I wanted to discuss what’s happening with my students, I’m at work at home. We received a mail from the school of our kids, that they will inform our sons about what has happened. They will have many questions and I know that it will difficult to convince them in a few weeks tile to go to Zaventem to take a plane for a holiday together.

And what’s next?

Well, I don’t know.

I’m afraid this will have a long impact on our lives. Just like 9/11 and all those iconic dates that followed.

I’ve seen it in concert halls after the Bataclan, the mood has changed.

But we still need to go to concerts, we still need to have fun, we still need to show our kids that the world can be a great place.

It’s therefor also hearth warming to see how much solidarity there is at this dark moment in our little country by the Canal.

Btw, hope to see you all soon here, we still have the surrealism, the great good, beer and chocolates.

(image found via this tweet)

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