Should teachers be told how to teach by those who’ve never been teachers themselves?

Although making this to strict could damage education too, Carl does have a point. The best paragraph is this one imho:

Indeed one of the main growth areas of education consultancy is the nebulous techno-world of 21st century entrepreneurialism. Now there are very good reasons why technology can and should be adopted into classroom practice but we need actual teachers with tacit knowledge of the classroom to explore this, not someone who simply brands themselves an ‘edupreneur,’ ‘disruptor,’ ‘thought leader’ or whose only qualification for standing in front of teachers seems to be merely having done a TEDx talk. (It would seem trite surely, for someone with no experience whatsoever in the operating theatre to come into hospitals and lecture qualified surgeons on how to perform “21st century surgery” for example.)


In his 1958 magnum opus “Personal Knowledge,’ Michael Polanyi defines ‘tacit knowledge’ as anything we know how to do but cannot explicitly explain how we do it, such as the complex set of skills needed to ride a bike or the instinctive ability to stay afloat in water. It is the ephemeral, elusive form of knowledge that resists classification or codification and that can only be gleaned through immersion in the experience itself. In most cases, it’s not even something that can be expressed through language. As he so beautifully puts it, “we can know more than we can tell.”

For Polanyi, explicit knowledge is hugely important in becoming proficient at anything but without the tacit dimension of knowing how to use and apply that knowledge, one can only arrive an an abstract and approximate appreciation of it:

“Textbooks of diagnostics teach the medical student the several symptoms of different diseases, but this knowledge is useless, unless the student has learnt to…

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2 thoughts on “Should teachers be told how to teach by those who’ve never been teachers themselves?

  1. While I’m definitely anti eduquacks (nice term ‘edupreneur’; I must remember it) I find the question just as meaningless / stupid as:
    -Should doctors be told how to heal/prescribe by those who’ve never been doctors themselves?
    -Should patients be told how to get better by those who’ve never had te disease themselves?
    The answer can be yes or no, depending on who is doing the telling. Is it an eduquack or edupreneur? Then the answer is a resounding NO. Is it a good empirical researcher who has carried out lab en field experiments on a phenomenon or intervention? The the answer is Yes.

  2. I think every decision taken in education should be a bottom to top and a top to bottom democratic deliberation. Otherwise understanding and recognition is not possible. all variable should be taken in account, education needs a holistic approach…recognition

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