Proof Points: Selling and Marketing “Blended Learning” to Educators and Parents

A fair warning for “Proof points”, btw, with the left- and right-brain myth being used in the infographic one should already be very wary…

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

I have discovered the phrase “proof points” recently. I had known of “proof for existence” in arguments about God. I had known about the history of math proofs. But “proof points” in marketing digital technologies to schools, well, that was new to me.

So I looked up “proof points” and found that they are a favored marketing tool.

“Proof points are one of the four elements of a classic brand positioning, and are important for making points of difference believable. They provide credibility and support for the Key Points of Difference.”

Or this “monster list” infographic  that a blogger found citing  dozens of “proof points” for marketeers to use :


“Proof points” are common when the subject turns to technologies in schools. Here is one example of the extent that selling new technologies have seized the school market–$nearly 700 billion for K-12 schooling.  Proof points:Blended learning success in school…

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