Just an idea for Microsoft: put a factcheck-button on LinkedIn

The past 2 years I’ve seen a steady rise of people using LinkedIn. I receive daily invites to connect and I also noticed that a lot of people visit this blog via this social media platform. In my experience LinkedIn is the more serious, older brother in the social media landscape. This is of course because the clear focus on professional connections.

At the same time people want to look smart and sharp because of this function, so more and more people start to share stuff. And that’s where things can become a bit nasty. The past months I was dragged into several LinkedIn-discussions because people where sharing again that +*%666*% learning pyramid.

Maybe it could be an idea – now that Microsoft bought LinkedIn – to introduce a factcheck-button answering the question: ‘is this claim or advice correct’.

But while waiting for this button, if you see somebody mentioning that pyramid, the 70-20-10-rule or learning styles on LinkedIn, tell them to get their story checked and feel free to share these links (or to tell them to buy our book 🙂 ):


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