Unpicking economic papers: a paper on behaviour

I noticed the report is still doing the rounds on social media, so I thought sharing this analysis on my blog could be a good idea…

Christian Bokhove

One of the papers that made a viral appearance on Twitter is a paper on behaviour in the classroom. Maybe it’s because of the heightened interest in behaviour, for example demonstrated in the DfE’s appointment of Tom Bennett, and behaviour having a prominent place in the Carter Review.

Carrell, S E, M Hoekstra and E Kuka (2016) “The long-run effects of disruptive peers”, NBER Working Paper 22042. link.


The paper contends how misbehaviour (actually, domestic violence) of pupils in a classroom apparently leads to large sums of money that people will miss out of later in life. There, as always, are some contextual questions of course: the paper is about the USA, and it seems to link domestic violence with classroom behaviour. But I don’t want to focus on that, I want to focus on the main result in the abstract: “Results show that exposure to a disruptive peer…

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