Who is to blame for perpetuating the myth of learning styles?

Sad thing is: I did it myself until 7-8 years ago… Luckily I do see a positive evolution!

Filling the pail

Professor Stephen Dinham of Melbourne University has written an excellent piece for The Conversation. In the article, he debunks the myth of learning styles and, in the process, makes an excellent point about the role of evidence in education:

“Teachers need to be critical consumers of research – as with medicine, lives are also at stake – yet with the best will in the world and without the knowledge and time to do so, decisions may be made to adopt new approaches that are not only ineffectual, but can actually do harm.”

This is essentially the point that I was trying to make in my previous post (and the subsequent comments) about Project Based Learning. Few educational initiatives are neutral. At the very least, pursuing an ineffective approach is a waste of time. But there is also the potential for active harm. Project Based Learning may lead to less equitable…

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