Four requests of education journalists 

Greg makes some fair points here!

Filling the pail

Dan Willingham recently took to his blog to admonish the New York Times for publishing a very silly piece of education journalism. I thought it might be helpful to set out my own requests of education journalists.

1. Avoid Finnish time travel

Finland had a great deal of success early this century in international PISA tests. This sparked a lot of edu-tourism where delegations of worthies descended on the country to figure out how they did it. Breathless reports abounded.

A number of myths have sprung up about Finland. To many, it is seen as a progressive paradise. But it isn’t. And it’s results have significantly declined since the early 2000s. There are two key points to note.

Firstly, Finland is not that progressive. It has academic and vocational streams that kick-in at age 16. The academic stream is considered more prestigious and the effects of this wash back into…

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