Funny on Sunday: school is obsolete

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4 thoughts on “Funny on Sunday: school is obsolete

  1. If an individual, a student, Googles it, there will be an outcome. Chances are that the student strongly believes in the outcome of his or her action.
    What if the individual is no longer the subject who informs him- or herself,
    but the class is?.
    Suppose you ask a class to come up with a thesis on a controversial subject. Of course the individuals will have differences in their findings and their opinions. But if the group sets a common goal, the individuals will have to discuss their findings and maybe…. they will revise their opinions just a little bit. That little bit is already quite someting…..

      1. I agree, What I’m trying to say is that there is a difference in what one finds, on one’s own – on the internet and what the outcome of a face-to-face discussion can be. It’s the difference between interacting with a robot and interacting with another human.
        Information literacy, in my opinion, is seen too often as a solo-thing: one person seeking truth underneath all the information around. Two persons would have more results, discussing their findings ….. and a group could end up terrible wrong of course, but maybe not when there’s a good teacher in charge…

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