While writing our new book…

I’ve waited some time to write this post, hopefully long enough so people won’t be recognized or even worse recognize themselves.

Last week our new book about myths about learning and education was released in Dutch. During the writing process I met some people that showed me why we need to keep up with what Paul, Casper and I are doing.

Take for example the MBTI-trainer I met who acknowledged she knew the theory and tool was utterly nonsense, but explained she kept spreading the word because the CEO’s loved it. Even wore, they would hate the proven model of the Big Five because no leader would want to be called a narcissist. She also stated that any change or reflection she could achieve, was a good thing. But keep up the good work, she said with a smile.

Or what about the professor who wrote a book about education – something that wasn’t his field of expertise. When I pointed out some factual mistakes, he explained to me that he didn’t know that much about education at all. He just wanted to give his own point of view about what is in his opinion wrong with education. That some of the stuff he was spreading could actually harm poor children, surprised him.

There was also the teacher that ended up being mentioned in our book. He was a victim of a school leader who misread the work by Hattie, a professor from ‘Australia’ (sic), making life impossible for the whole team. I was so glad that one of the first things we decided about our book, is to have a critical look at evidence-based education because it’s better to be extra critical for what you belief in.

Luckily most teachers I met during the past years wanted the best for their students. It’s them we want to support and inform. We will never ever blame a teacher for believing in things that are incorrect or more nuanced. They can’t spent the time we did on factchecking. Teachers want and need to be there for their students.

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