This was 2022, see you in 2023

The year is almost over, and this is the last blog post of 2022. As you will read later in this post, this short winter break is more than welcome.

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The past year has probably been one of the best years professionally. I started at the University of Utrecht, there was the announcement of Leerpunt, a Flemish version of the Education Endowment Foundation. I got to play music for the first time and even write a song for a very popular Belgian feature film. I got to speak nationally and internationally, etc.

But at the same time, this was an incredibly tough year. These are things that I consciously did not or hardly share on social media, and I now prefer to keep them to a minimum. Still, in my (close) circle, among others, several people came into contact with the nasty disease that starts with the letter C I was not spared in terms of health either, and we also got to know the waiting lists far too well from close by. The good news is that with everything I just wrote, the year ended with good news or at least positive evolutions. All this makes me, more than ever, wish people good health first. It’s a cliché, but it became a cliché because it is perhaps one of the most important things.

Take care of each other, and see you next year!

And I so wish you good health in advance.

P.S.: if you really can’t miss my daily posts from me, through this blog, you will be sent a beautiful musical moment daily.


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