The development of personality during the adolescence

It’s that time of the year again when my students write long reads about youth and youth culture. Check more of their posts on this dedicated blog site.

Youth Culture - Arteveldehogeschool

Written by June Aramendi and Pablo Naranjo

The period of youth can be very different for each person, and many variables come into play. In the diversity of countries, we find different cultures, which considerably affect the period of youth in its different branches. This affects the sense that many young people feel chained in a certain sense to follow a destiny, or else they disappoint their inner circle. In 1980, James Marcia wrote a theory on identity development theory. As Paris, Ricardo, Raymond and Johnson (2021) stated in their book Child Growth and Development, adolescents are asking questions regarding their exploration of and commitment to issues related to occupation, politics, religion, and sexual behaviour. Studies assessing how teens pass through Marcia’s stages show that although most teens eventually develop a stable identity, the path to it is not always easy, and many routes can be taken. Some teens may simply…

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