Longhand notetaking is worth using

This debate has been going on for a while. A new study again in favor of taking longhand notes!

Best Evidence in Brief Index

By Zhihui Kaya Feng, Johns Hopkins University

With the usage of smart phones becoming increasingly pervasive, taking photos to record information in class allows students to store more information with less effort. Many studies have demonstrated that longhand note-taking facilitates deeper encoding of information and reduces mind-wandering, but little research has investigated the learning outcomes of the photo-taking strategy, so a recent study was conducted to compare their effectiveness.

The sample of this study included 100 college students between the ages of 18-32 who were divided into three subgroups to listen to two lectures in three different conditions: listening with longhand note-taking, with photo-taking, and without note-taking. After they completed both lectures, participants reviewed their hand-written notes, photos they took, and plain printouts respectively to prepare for a recall test. The results revealed that students who took longhand notes outperformed the other two groups. A repetitive experiment was also doneā€¦

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