Five academic papers all teachers need to read

Glad to notice I’ve read 3 out of 5 already (and written a book with one of the authors of one of the 5 papers 🙂 ).

Clio et cetera

This blog post is a quick summary of five of the academic papers that have most influenced me in my development as a teacher, and I would heartily recommend all five to other teachers. I do not always agree with every single thing written in these papers (although I generally do agree with the overall thrust of their argument), but I have found these papers useful springboards to further thought, and, for those of you who read my blog regularly, you will no doubt see how my posts resonate with the ideas in these five papers.

All of these papers are behind pay-walls, but most (if not all) can be found for free online with a little searching.

(1) P. Hirst, ‘What is teaching?’, Journal of Curriculum Studies, 3.1, (1971)

I like this paper for its clarity, setting out on a conceptual analysis of the term ‘teaching’. It is…

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