About me

“Pedro De Bruyckere (1974) is an educational scientist (PhD) at Arteveldehogeschool, Ghent (www.arteveldehs.be) since 2001. Leiden University since 2018.”

Check my page at Google Scholar for my scientific work.



I have been writing articles and OpEds for magazines and websites in Sweden, UK, France, US (American Educator)…

About this blog

I have been blogging for in Dutch since 2009 about youngsters, education and popular culture. Lately I have been giving more and more public speeches in English and I’ve noticed more and more non-dutch speaking people started to visit xyofeinstein.be. So, I’ve started this blog with original content on the same topics.

Do you want me as your next public speaker?

I’m often asked as keynote speaker both in Dutch and in English. You can book me trough speakersacademy.com

Tel: (+31) 010-4333322 E-mail: walter@speakersacademy.nl


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  2. Tracy Solomon

    What is your professional background?

    • I first became a teacher of Dutch, History and Geography in secondary education, followed by a master in educational sciences. Now I’m a teacher trainer/educational scientist at Arteveldehogeschool, and also connected to the OU in Heerlen as a external researcher.

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