Presence of Learning Styles on Twitter: A One-Month Analysis

You DON'T have a learning style!

While discussing the shortcomings of learning styles theory with a colleague, he said he was surprised that people are still promoting them. “I thought that nonsense was over with,” he remarked. Anyone on Twitter with a serious interest in education has likely encountered some discussion about them, be it for, against, or both. That conversation brought me to examine the issue more deeply.

To that end, I tapped into my experimental psychology expertise (that last word expressed oh so loosely) to gauge how learning styles are represented on Twitter among English speakers. Does the Twitterverse largely favor them, oppose them, or represent a collision of the irresistible force and the immovable object (which one is which I will let you, the reader, decide)?


Using the Google Sheets add-on Twitter Archiver, public tweets posted between June 5th and July 4th of 2019 relating to learning styles were stored in…

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