51 thinkers on education, an amazing list by Donald Clark

I first hear Donald Clark speak at the Media and Learning Conference in Brussels last December. For some he can be somewhat controversial, but I actually really enjoyed his presentation. But that’s not why I want to put him in the picture. Donald just finished a run of 51 blogpost on educational theorists. Some names will perhaps raise your eyebrows, put it is a fascinating read. Sometimes the personal opinion of mr Clark is somewhat present, but every post gives an interesting insight in the work of somebody how help create education today. This is the list:

MontessoriSteinerFreireIllichWhiteBlack & WiliamEbbinghausMiller,
Atkinson & ShiffrinBaddeleyTulvingKandelMagerGagneKolb,
BloomMaslowSeligmanBandlerFlemingHoney & MumfordEysenckGardnerKirkpatrick

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