The future is never ‘clean’, why would it be in education?

Did you ever see a trendmovie? I mean something like this:

The future looks so bright I got to wear shades. Nothing wrong with dreaming of a great future, but it’s just like the IKEA-catalogus: your own house will never look as clean as those pictures. If you have kids, I hope your house isn’t as clean as the images in magazines.

I think the same thing is happening when forecasting the future of education. Look for example at this interesting list at By 2018 the author expects:

Technology to promote early literacy habits is seeded by venture capitalists. This is the start of new government programs that start farming out literacy and educational programs to start-ups, entrepreneurs, app developers, and other private sector innovators.

Digital literacy begins to outpace academic literacy in some fringe classrooms.

But still there is a big difference. What seems to be good for people believing in solutionism, can look really awful for people who don’t. Is it such a good thing that digital literacy becomes more important than academic literacy? For people believing that you don’t need to know something you can google maybe?

Also in 2018 this could be the case:

Open Source learning models will grow faster than those closed, serving as a hotbed for innovation in learning.

But inside this thought there is a not even very hidden wish about open culture. If everything is open and  free we all will be better off. I hope this too to some extent, but I’m not blind for the opposite direction a lot of stuff is heading. The open web is closing very fast because people still want to earn money.

Oh, btw by 2028 this will happen:

Learning simulations begin to replace teachers, and some schools.

I don’t know how this sounds to you. If you are into teacher proof material probably great, but I think just like in the trendmovies we are forgetting something important: the human element. Just as my kids who make our house always more messier than a picture in a catalogue, the future of education will also be much messier. This will maybe even be because teachers will always be needed, we still like and need human interaction. For my part, I’m glad for that.

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