Teachers are no superheroes (for world teacher day)

I was asked to write something for World Teacher Day, I did in Dutch, this is my attempt to translate my piece in English.

Teachers are no superheroes

They won’t save the world.

But they will save their children in case of emergency.

They are authors who write new works every single day.

They are directors of their own plays.

They are actors who will interact with their audience every time the class begins.

They need to be child prodigies in administration, keeping track of their own and their pupils evolution.

They are no parents.

But they will support their pupils.

They are no Google, they don’t know everything.

But they sure look better than a search engine,

and their suggestions will beat any search engine anytime.

They make you think.

They are no tablet, but were born in 3D.

They inspire to aspire.

They are forever young, because being young is contagious.

They make a difference, as Taylor Mali shouted.

They’re needed, more than ever as the OECD argues.

They make our children learn, smile and they console.

They are the ones who help discover the miracle of a first sentence being read.

They are the one who pick up the children in their world to open up the universe.


Teachers are no superheroes, they are always there for their pupils.

They won’t save the world.

They help to build the world, day by day.

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