Common Core Redux: Cartoons, Images, and Satire

It’s a bit too early for Funny on Sunday, but these cartoons pro and con common cores that were collected by Larry Cuban are sometimes less funny when you start to think about it.

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

For the monthly cartoon feature, I return to the Common Core State Standards. The first one I did just over a year ago was popular with readers–over 10,000 views. For this month, I gathered a medley of pro and con images, cartoons, and descriptions of the Common Core State Standards.

The first one is a three minute video explaining the reasons for the CCSS and what they are expected to do. The Council of Great City Schools, an endorser of the Standards, produced the video. While critics will rail at the assumptions and values embedded in the video, it is clear, crisp, and to the point.

What follows are additional images and cartoons, again, mostly done to criticize CCSS. The final offering I have is a satire of the critics.




Common Core and thinking

common core & tchrs

no standards before Core

against standards



And here is the satirical blast against critics of CCSS, particularly from those on the political right who envision a…

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