Interesting project: Noba delivers a free textbook “a la carte”.

Found this new NOBA-project via @TimSmitsTim, and it looks quite promising:

Together, with 120 highly regarded professors, authors and experts, we’re out to change the way colleges and universities educate.

Traditional textbooks are ineffective at keeping up with the speed at which our world is changing. The model is broken and we’re here to fix it.

When you join Noba, you’ll have online access to hundreds of chapters written by leading experts in their specific field of interest.

You choose the chapters that fit your curriculum best and build a custom textbook for your class. A textbook that’s written, published and distributed at the speed of the internet.

Noba is 100% free.

We’ve found that respected authors and researchers are eager to publish the work they’re most passionate about, knowing it will inspire a new generation of students. We’re part of the growing movement towards open education, believing it should be available to all, regardless of culture, geography or economic background.

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