Funny on Sunday: A Few Goodmen: Surname-Sharing Economist Coauthors

Found this paper via @dirkJacobs and maybe you need to be a scientist to think this is funny, but I laughed while reading. Oh, you need to know this paper is written by Goodman, Goodman, Goodman and Goodman.

The reference:

Goodman, A. C., Goodman, J., Goodman, L., & Goodman, S. (2014). A Few Goodmen: Surname-Sharing Economist Coauthors (No. 168366).
(strangely, the year in Google Scholar is 1969)

The abstract of the paper:

We explore the phenomenon of coauthorship by economists who share a surname. Prior research has included at most three economist coauthors who share a surname. Ours is the first paper to have four economist coauthors who share a surname, as well as the first where such coauthors are unrelated by marriage, blood or current campus.

Say what?

Oh, btw. You can find this paper via Scholar, but it has no citations.


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