Good read by Donald Clark: Why are the Maths Zealots in our schools?

Donald Clark keeps writing good posts based on good thinking although he does have his own style. This post seems to be on math, and Clark goes through a great length to explain he’s not against math education. The actual subject of the post is the silver bullet thinking we seem to be liking when discussing education.

And, no, math isn’t a silver bullet, nor was Latin, STEM, coding,…

From the blog post:

The myopia produced by single subject advocates so often descends into ugly zealotry. I have only defriended two people on Facebook, ever, and one was a persistent grammar and spelling nut who confused typos with stupidity. She never said anything remotely interesting on any subject other than police posts for spelling and grammar errors, even then she was often wrong, confusing Latin rules with English. I see the same behaviour in the single-subject nuts, who want to funnel us all into a small set of subjects. Rather than look at the breadth of subjects and open up young minds to many possibilities, they want to close these young minds down into human calculators. The common denominator here (to get all mathsy for a moment) is their desire to get the rest of the world to think like them. What THEY learnt, everyone should learn. I’ve met enough of them to know how catastrophic this would be.

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