Nobody Believes in Learning Styles Any More, Do They?

This makes me sigh quite a lot… We still got a lot of work to do!

Scenes From The Battleground

If you are a connected teacher, reading blogs and following Twitter, you could be forgiven for thinking that nobody believes in learning styles any more. It’s been discredited again and again. I was dismissing them 5 years ago. Just a few minutes searching online (and knowing that adding the word “debunked” to a search for an educational idea is always worth a try) shows that while there might still be material out there promoting them, learning styles are no longer the mainstream idea they were a few years ago. They are often used, perhaps along with brain gym, as an example of nonsense that we don’t believe any more.

To think they have gone though, is a mistake. Whenever this comes up teachers can give recent anecdotal examples of observation forms or teaching and learning policies that still push them. I can find recent blogs that promote them (e.g. here or here)…

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  1. I’m aware of at least one 3rd level institution in my home town that has lecturers who still actively promote them to under and postgrads doing teaching and educational training and degrees.

    Heck. I promoted and practised them until recently on the basis of respect for lecturer authority.


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