This Iceberg could Sink the Titanic

Paul is pretty upset, and I understand why…

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A few days ago I received a notice about a report on teaching students in the lower levels of vocational education, blinked a couple of times and then checked whether the notification was real or whether it came from The Onion, or in this case – as the report was Dutch – from De Speld. Why? Because of the following illustration and its explanation.


Learnability and importance of competencies and personal characteristics from the iceberg structure [Report – Translated by me]

The research was meant to answer questions regarding the competencies that teachers need to have and develop in order to do a good job teaching at the lower levels of vocational education. I have always learned and taught that, regardless of the rest of a piece of research (that is its methodology, data analysis, etc.), he basis is its theoretical foundation. The report’s authors state in…

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One response to “This Iceberg could Sink the Titanic

  1. I actually don’t understand why he is upset, I think he misinterprets the study and the results and makes a mountain out of a molehill.

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