Systems Check: Any Belief Gaps? (Part 2)

Interesting blog post with some very painful examples…

A Total Ed Case

Inspired by a recent Twitter conversation about the ‘belief gap’ in education (educators’ lack of belief in certain students’ abilities to learn, that is), I spent a post last week diving a bit deeper into the idea. There, I basically drafted behind one of the discussion’s key posts and offered the following:

  1. Belief gap is more than an individual-teacher-level shortcoming operating in many individual classrooms; it can also be expressed at education’s system levels.
  2. These systemic expressions of belief gap — in particular via flawed, belief-gap-driven educational practices — lead to more dire results for more students than many might realize.
  3. These systemic expressions of belief gap create blind spots for both practitioners and critics, and these blind spots ultimately force the improvement conversation into stalemate.

I did not include, however, much in the way of examples or illustrations to bring these rather abstract ideas into the concrete. Here, then, is a ‘Part…

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