My 2 pence: Japanese government asks universities to close social sciences and humanities faculties

I just discovered this news item from September via @F3lixDeClerck but it’s quite shocking:

  • Japan’s Minister of Education has asked all national universities to close their social sciences and humanities departments
  • 26 universities have so far confirmed plans to close affected faculties or convert them to “areas that better meet society’s needs”


And I checked other sources, but it does seem to be true.

Sorry, but how foolish can a policy be. Some reasons:

More? Check this post by Curt Rice.

But to be clear: we don’t have to blame Japan for something that’s happening throughout the world.

The strange thing is: I’ve been to many conferences this year on technology and innovation and something has changed. While these conferences used to be the place to find new tools and gadgets – sorry for people who hate the word -, now the main topic was ethics. We have all these inventions and other “disruptions” – and that’s a word I hate – but what are we going to do with it? How are we going to live together?

At the same time we are confronted with problems that technology have troubles solving. There isn’t an app to solve the refugee crisis, although an app as Firechat can help the refugees.

Getting back to Japan, a country that wants to have more children as it’s getting more grey really fast, I do think this part of Abenomics isn’t really the answer.

2 thoughts on “My 2 pence: Japanese government asks universities to close social sciences and humanities faculties

  1. Made a contact with a person in Japanese teacher training who visited us this spring and there were plans for exchange. Which came to nothing… Apparently there are huge savings on university level, not just this, but overall. Less students, no research level, etc.

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