5 features of poor teacher education

Maybe some will be offended by this post by Greg but I do think he raises some relevant points. Was glad to notice that the teacher training I’m involved is not too bad when looking at these 5 points. We do teach about Piaget more as a part of history and to explain how developmental research is conducted and how this evolved with thus mentioning all the flaws. But we also note that the idea of starting of in the concrete – in part inspired by Piaget – still is very important.

Filling the pail

So you are training to be a teacher or you know somebody who is. How can you tell if your teacher education course is any good? Here are a few things that should cause you to be concerned.

1. Classroom management is neglected.

You can’t teach students anything if they are not paying attention or, worse, if they are actively disrupting the lesson. This is the main fear of most people who start training to be teacher and yet many teacher education courses give it scant attention:

“In our discussions with ITT providers, we have found some reluctance towards practical approaches to training in behaviour management. We feel that in all programmes there is a need for more practical and specific advice on managing behaviour.” Carter Review.

There is an implicit theory that if you teach lessons that are engaging then behaviour problems will be solved. Thus, if you have behaviour problems then…

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