Bloom’s Taxonomy

Just was mentioned in a twitter-debate on Bloom, made me remember that I needed to share this post by Greg.

Filling the pail

Bloom’s taxonomy was developed in the early 1950s by a committee led by the educational psychologist, Benjamin Bloom. The cognitive domain of this taxonomy – which is usually what people mean when they refer to “Bloom’s taxonomy” – is ubiquitous in education and is probably one of the few concepts that most teachers have heard about. It was revised in 2000 and the original and revised versions have a slightly different emphasis, with nouns having turned into verbs and an equalisation of the top three layers:

Ashman Version

The taxonomy is a method for classifying educational objectives. Does it fit with what we know about research? Well, perhaps this question is moot. The only way that we could base a classification of learning objectives on anything scientific is if we had firm evidence that there were different brain processes involved. We certainly did not have such evidence in 1956 and we don’t have much now. However, I…

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