The Gender Obsession in Education

Something Paul, Casper and I also discussed already in our book, but this is also a nice overview.

3-Star learning experiences

Paul A. Kirschner & Mirjam Neelen

 “Boys are better in math, girls are better in language”. These are commonly accepted assumptions. Some also believe that it’s beneficial to teach boys and girls in separate groups to solve the math/language challenge. But would that really work?

Daniel and Susan Voyer (University of New Brunswick) conducted a meta-analysis of research about gender differences and school performance. They analysed 502 studies, conducted between 1914 and 2011, in 30 different countries. In total, the studies included 538,710 boys and 595,332 girls.

What did they find? In contrast with what we’ve been hearing for years, girls outperformed boys in all subjects with the biggest difference for language subjects and the smallest for math, although even this difference was still statistically significant. In other words, girls outperform boys across the board, regardless of country influences, year that the research was conducted and so on. In…

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