What PokemonGo tells us about education?

Absolutely nothing.


Ok, you wanted to read more?

In our book we describe how the fictitious Gomba-platform is launched and straightaway there are blog posts about 10 uses of Gomba in education and what Gomba tells us about education.

Yesterday I made a joke about PokemonGo on twitter, asking if someone already had written such a blog post about PokemonGO. People did.

The reasoning I pick up from such articles and posts PokemonGo tells us something about how important technology is for kids and how we can reach them if we use technology.

If I think in the same lines, we should also try to include nostalgia to stuff twentysomethings used when they were kids in education, because that is what PokemonGo is also about.

Or we can learn that privacy is not an important issue, so forget about all those boring privacy-discussions surrounding learning analytics in education.

Or we can learn that competition is great.

Btw I don’t mind people playing PokemonGo, I don’t mind the game and I even think it should be discussed in school (e.g. as a privacy-case study). But I had to get this off my chest.


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3 responses to “What PokemonGo tells us about education?

  1. I was listening to the news and they were saying that kids were actually outside playing. Yes with technology but they were outside and it’s been lacking for a long time like that

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