Three tips for developing digital learners

Wanted to blog myself about this new German study, but Greg beat me to it. So a reblog is due.

Filling the pail

We all want to develop digital learners, right? Over the last twenty years, the explosion in online content and the ability to quickly find the answers to key questions has been nothing short of revolutionary. As teachers, we seek to prepare our students to make the most of these advances. But what is the best way to do this?

On answer is to ditch elements of the traditional curriculum. If you can look up facts quickly then why commit them to memory? Instead, we should ensure that students gain plenty of experience of using digital resources so that they develop the skills of digital literacy. Some have even argued that we should change the way we assess students and perhaps allow them to access the internet or to collaborate in exams. Yet this ideas may be misconceived.

1. Grow those crystals

A new piece of research sheds some light on…

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