Subcultures and the norms of society.

This is the first blog my students published today as part of one of the courses I’m teaching at the Arteveldehogeschool University College. More to follow the next 2 weeks.

Youth Culture - Arteveldehogeschool

Throughout history, there have always been tensions between societal norms and subcultural views. One example of this can be found in the book Folk Devils and Moral Panic (Cohen, 1972), where we see the role the media has on how society views the subcultures of the rockers and mods, and how it impacted the youth of the time. Even as society develops, there is still a stigma towards certain subcultures, labeling them a nuisance because they do not fit into what is deemed the ‘social norm.

’We are Adeline Winklaar, Lórená Ráiltón, Elisia Cornelis, Yeana Choi, Britt Braekmans and Sibrecht Moens, students of second year Youth Culture/PK at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent. As part of our studies we performed a two-part study to see how a specific group of subcultures are viewed, in this case; Goth, Disco, Punk, and Hippie, which were chosen because they are four of the…

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