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Youth Culture - Arteveldehogeschool

Written by: Chloë Willekens, Elona de Maesschalk, Jean-marie Mahi, Emiel Van Den daele, Andraz Corn en Fien Van der Heyden


In today’s world, being young is a global lifestyle choice. We live in a postmodern society in which infantile behaviour had become an aspirational model to follow. An ideal of being carefree, having fun and being uncommitted. Individuals try to return to their safer, childlike worlds to relieve themselves from the pressure of stress and anxiety in this modern world. According Crawford, people try more and more to escape their pragmatic boring, daily lives. In fact, as reported by Bernardini the postmodern adult is by now characterized by an unprecedented infantilistic nature. He chases the aesthetics and lifestyles of young people, lives in a state of continuous present, postpones or eludes those stages that used to mark the social recognition of maturity as well as the responsibilities and the…

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