Technology in the Classroom Is Great — When It Works (Benjamin Keep)

I would add one or two questions:
– does technology make the learning better?
– If it has the same learning effect does it achieve this for the same cost or not?
Hat tip to Dylan Wiliam and David Weston with who I discussed this a few weeks ago.

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Keep is a “researcher, learning scientist, and writes about science, learning, and technology at”

This appeared July 10, 2019 on T74

When it comes to learning technologies, educators and administrators often focus on what technology to use instead of how the technology facilitates learning. This leads to serious costs.

U.S. fourth-graders who report using tablets in all or nearly all of their classes are a full year behind in reading ability compared with peers who report never using tablets in their classes. Internationally, students who report greater use of technology in their classrooms score worse on the PISA exam, the major international student assessment, even when accounting for differences in wealth and prior performance. This is all according to a recent report by the Reboot Foundation.

These findings align with prior research that found essentially the same thing three years ago: High levels of technology use in the classroom…

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