THE COVID-19 ED CASE CHRONICLES, PART 4: The One I Never Wanted to Write

A Total Ed Case

Last March, my pal Jasmine Lane and I agreed to use our blogs as spaces for discussing distance-teaching. We were as lost as everyone else, of course, but we thought the new evidence-free zone could use some observations, reflections, and recommendations from the school level — ideas to perhaps balance all the shiny solutions vendors were dropping into teachers’ inboxes, as well as all the irrational policies and procedures being enacted by schools and districts.

I’m not sure how far Jasmine got, but I had to give up afterthreeentries. (Okay, more like four: my third installment had a Part B.)

Basically, the weird rhythms and rigors of disastance teaching, when combined with other challenges in my life, made writing impossible for me. I participated in the Covid-education discussion in a few ways (like appearingonsomepodcasts/webcasts, sharing insights with varioused

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