Should teachers and parents teach together?

Best Evidence in Brief Index

By Wenrui Huang, Johns Hopkins University

Teaching Together is an initiative that combines tiered school instruction with home curricular supplements to enhance language skills among pre-k children at risk for later reading difficulties.

Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center and Florida Center for Reading Research examined the effects of Teaching Together, in a study published in Early Childhood Research Quarterly. This study included a sample of Head Start children demonstrating risk for later reading difficulties and eligible for Tier-2 services (targeted instruction for children with weak skills). By adopting an RCT-design, researchers randomized one control and three treatment groups:

(a) Control or business-as-usual (BAU) family engagement experiences (n=72)

(b) Tier 1 Family workshops and universal text messages (n=241)

(c) Tier 2 Basic Family, which added learning materials and targeted text messages to the workshops (n=29)

(d) Tier 2 Enhanced Family, which added parent coaching/individualized communication to…

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