Gone fishing…

So… This academic year is pretty much over. Ok, I still have more than two weeks of work ahead of me, but you probably know what I mean. The past year and a half have been tough. Very tough. For everyone, especially in education. Also for myself, I must confess. That’s why this blog is going on ice for a month, except when I can’t hold back because something interesting is happening in current events.

In between, I’ll be:

  • Finishing 1 scientific chapter I’m co-writing with Tim Surma,
  • Checking the proofs of a new book in Dutch that also will be released in English in 2022,
  • Giving guest lectures for summer school volunteers,
  • Playing some tryouts of a theater tour about Urban Myths about Learning and Education,
  • And gradually I’ll be answering fewer emails until I really take a vacation and don’t answer anything or anyone for a while.

This blog will be back on August 1, I’ll start answering emails a week later.

Happy holiday to all of you and thank you for all that you have meant to your children, youngsters, your pupils and, students.

Enjoy life, the sun, the rain, and the music.

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