Using songs to teach vocabulary

Ok, this is a study I like 🙂

Best Evidence in Brief Index

By Justin Hill, Johns Hopkins University

A recent study published in Early Childhood Research Quarterly by Jessica Lawson-Adams and colleagues explores the value of sung songs and rhythmically spoken songs in teaching vocabulary to preschool students. The researchers used a within-subjects design with a total of 56 students from 4 classrooms within a district. The intervention was administered 3 times to each class over the course of 2 weeks, with each intervention lasting approximately 15 minutes. Each intervention consisted of 3 activities: a picture-card only activity, a picture-card plus sung song activity, and a picture-card plus rhythmically spoken song activity. Each activity consisted of 6 targeted vocabulary words that were spoken by the teacher 4 times each during the activity. For the song activities, each word was spoken twice and then appeared in the song twice, while in the picture-card only activity each word was spoken 4 times. The students…

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