Feedback on Feedback

3-Star learning experiences

All teachers give feedback to their students in many colours, shapes, and forms. Sometimes it’s oral, sometimes written, sometimes to the whole class, sometimes just to a specific student, sometimes it’s very short and powerful, sometimes very extensive and nuanced. We provide feedback because we believe it’s important for learning. Done right, feedback supports the learning process, resolves misunderstandings, and narrows the gap between where the learner is and where the learner needs to get/be. Done poorly, feedback can hinder the learning process and demotivate the learner.

The Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF) published a package of materials for teachers and school principals to help them optimise the positive effects of feedback (Teacher Feedback to Improve Pupil Learning). Needless to say, all recommendations and guidelines are evidence-informed and documented!

The guidance report makes six recommendations:

  1. Lay the foundations for effective feedback
  2. Deliver appropriately timed feedback that focuses on moving learning forward

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