Can Principals Raise Test Scores?

Interesting post, closely related also to the concept of collective teacher efficacy.

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Effective manager? Savvy politician? Heroic leader? School CEO?

Reformers yearn for principals who can not only play these roles but also raise test
scores and do so quickly. Many principals in different districts can earn thousands of dollars in bonuses for boosting student achievement. But the job of principal demands far more beyond gains in test scores.

Principals are expected to maintain order, to be shrewd managers who squeeze a dollar out of every dime spent on the school, and astute politicians who can steer parents, teachers, and students in the same direction year after year. They are also expected to ensure that district curriculum standards are being taught, as well as lead instructional improvement that will translate into test score gains. I cannot forget that principals are caught smack in the middle between their district office bosses and teachers, parents, and students in each of their schools.

Being a…

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