Authentic learning moments promote transfer to the workplace

3-Star learning experiences

Guest blog by Sofie Willox

This article was originally published in Dutch in HR Magazine, March 2022.

It discusses five dimensions that promote learning transfer based on our (Mirjam & Paul) book “Evidence-Informed Learning Design – Creating Training to improve Learning Design”.

To what extent do people actually apply what they’ve learned in a workplace context after a training? Training content can be interesting, but without actual learning transfer we don’t see any behavioural change on the job. So, how do we achieve transfer? Through what I call ‘authentic learning moments’.

Without context we don’t learn

The goal of training is learning (that is, sustainable change in behaviour and cognition; Paul Kirschner calls this a stable change in our long-term memories) so that people can perform to standard in their job. In order to achieve this, the training that we design ideally considers and mirrors, as best as possible…

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