A few simple questions after (or before the next) lesson

I first wrote this blog in Dutch, but my dear friend and colleague prof. Em. Paul Kirschner thought it so nice and elegant that he made an English translation on his blog.

It’s about a few simple questions that teachers can ask themselves. I wonder how many of us do this.

  1. What prior knowledge do my students need?
  2. How do I know if they have them?
  3. How do you deal with gaps in prior knowledge?
  4. How often do your students need to think for themselves today?
  5. Are you going to repeat things today from
    • a previous lesson
    • last week
    • last month
    • last semester?
  6. How many students attended the past lesson or session?
    • all
    • three quarters
    • about half of it
    • a quarter
    • less than a quarter
  7. How did you know your students understood the lesson?

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