Will the half of universities in the US close because of the MOOC’s? Unlikely or not?

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The article from The Chronicle referenced below helped convince me that the MOOCopalypse is unlikely to happen. The MOOCopalypse is the closing of most of American universities (“over half” said one of our campus leaders recently) because of MOOCs. The Chronicle piece is about the professors currently offering MOOCs, and the survey (at left) is only with MOOC providers.

The first and greatest challenge to the MOOCopalypse is economic.  It’s a huge cost to produce MOOCs — not just on the professors making the MOOCs, but on all their colleagues who have to cover the teaching and service that the MOOC-makers aren’t providing.  For what benefit?  Most of the MOOC professors talk about the huge impact, about a “one to two to three magnitudes” greater impact.  Not clear to me how universities can take that to the bank.  Unlike fame from a great result or influential paper, MOOC fame doesn’t…

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