Interesting read: Teaching Computers Shows Us How Little We Understand About Ourselves

We’ve seen the transition to being forced in being ourselves, or better, in using our own names online by the likes of Facebook or Amazon. In this great piece by Cory Doctorow he explains that everything isn’t so straightforward.

“Ironically, computerized information systems have given us some really wonderful opportunities to embrace ambiguity. As David Weinberger points out in his seminal 2007 book Everything is Miscellaneous, computerized cataloging systems have freed books from the tyranny of physical shelves, allowing us to ‘‘shelve’’ them in as many places as they need to go – but the ambiguity that we’ve brought to our storehouses of human knowledge is woefully absent from our systems for managing human beings. We’re teaching computers about these relationships at speed, and it’s become clear we don’t understand them at all ourselves.”

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