Predictions about Technology in K-12 and Higher Education for 2024

Predictions are always a bit of ‘madame soleil’, still this blog post by Larry Cuban isn’t far fetched at all, ‘en contraire’. Do read also the comments as they add a lot to already a very relevant post.

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

For the past four years I have offered predictions of what I see around the corner for high-tech in K-12 schools (see December 26, 2009, December 30, 2010, December 29, 2011, and December 27, 2012 posts).

But not higher education. So I venture one now.

Last year was the year of the MOOC. Hysterical predictions of the end of higher education and the transformation of teaching soared through cyberspace and media (see here and here). And then just a few weeks ago, Sebastian Thrun, one of the “godfathers” of   MOOCs who sang the siren song of a revolutionized higher education, warbled goodbye to MOOCs. But MOOCs continue to thrive although the rhetoric has been dialed back (For an overview of the past year for MOOCs in a distinctly skeptical voice, see here).

For those who see MOOCs as a fine example of…

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