Interesting read: Research Says Parents And Kids Should Play Video Games Together

This Forbes article reports on own experiences of playing video games together with your children, but also builds on recent research on the topic.


Researchers from Arizona State University, say that “Parents miss a huge opportunity when they walk away from playing video games with their kids.” Elizabeth Hayes, Delbert & Jewell Lewis Chair in Reading & Literacy and professor in ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, explains that “often parents don’t understand that many video games are meant to be shared and can teach young people about science, literacy and problem solving. Gaming with their children also offers parents countless ways to insert their own ‘teaching moment.’”

“Another article, from The Journal of Adolescent Health, looks at the impact of intergenerational family co-play on adolescent girls. Authors Sarah M. Coyne, Ph.D., Laura M. Padilla-Walker, Ph.D., Laura Stockdale, B.Sc., and Randal D. Day, Ph.D., found that kids playing video games with parents is “associated with decreased levels of internalizing and aggressive behaviors, and heightened prosocial behavior for girls.” What’s more, “co-playing video games was also marginally related to parent–child connectedness for girls.”


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