“Urban myths about learning & education” is conquering the world, read free chapter of our book in American Educator

Finally we can make it public that Paul (Kirschner), Casper (Hulshof) and I have great news about our book “Urban myths about learning and education”.

Today – March 16th – an article in American Educator based on one of the sections of our book, namely the section on ICT-myths is online. Go to http://www.aft.org/ae/spring2016/debruyckere-kirschner-and-hulshof


American Educator is – for professional publications in the area of education – can be compared to the Premier League. It is a professional publication intended for American teachers and has a subscription circulation of over 900,000 copies. This is not the number of teachers, administrators and policy makers (including politicians) that it reaches, just only the number of subscribers! The reach is a multiple of this; in the millions. Others who regularly publish there and whom we are honoured to join the ranks of are E. D. Hirsch Jr., Diane Ravitch, Richard W. Riley, Pasi Sahlberg, Daniel T. Willingham and William Julius Wilson.

Just a note: Apart from two articles by John Sweller, Dick Clark and Paul Kirschner, this is also the first product ever to come entirely from our little part of the world. It feels a bit unreal. 

But there’s more news. In the autumn, a Swedish translation of our book will be published by Studentlitteratur. The demand for a translation came after a lecture by Pedro in London last year – ResearchED. And finally several Chinese professors are doing a Chinese translation of the book. This is the same group that translated and published Jeroen van Merriënboer and Pauls book Ten Steps to Complex Learning”. The translation should appear next spring.

Meanwhile, Paul, Casper and I are also working on the sequel where we continue to monitor various “new” myths.

Oh, btw, there is also some other great news:

“Urban Myths about Learning and Education, by Pedro De Bruyckere, Paul A. Kirschner, and Casper D. Hulshof, is published by Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, which is offering American Educator readers a 25 percent discount off the purchase of this book through December 2016. To order, visit Elsevier’s online store (link is external) and use discount code PBTY25 “


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